WEBE Wellness: Getting Ready To Walk

Pair of legs walking on a trail in nature towards the light

WEBE Wellness: Getting Ready To Walk

Walking gets you where you need to go. But it’s also a great form of exercise.

It’s joint-friendly, and it’s a low-intensity way to burn fat and maintain weight. But there are some steps to take before you head out the door for your walk, so you can help prevent injuries.

First – make sure you’re hydrated. Drink water throughout the day, and really kick it into gear a few hours before taking your steps. Hydration helps your joints, prevents muscle cramps, and maintains body temperature.

Make sure you warm up your legs – stretch your hamstrings and glutes – sitting int eh office of in the car all day, will tighten muscles – and when you go for a brisk walk, they’ll tighten even more. So make sure they’re ready for that walk.

Finally, pay attention to your feet too – they’re going to be getting the most action during your walk, so take some warmup exercises.

Get ready for your walk before you walk…so you can keep walking!

Image Credit: NickyLloyd / iStock / Getty Images Plus