WEBE Wellness: Finding Exercise Motivation

young woman runner tying her shoes preparing for a jog outside at morning

WEBE Wellness: Finding Exercise Motivation

You know that some form of regular exercise is good for your health – a longer life, stronger muscles, better posture, improved sleep – but while some can’t wait to get a workout in, others hate to hit the gym.

It’s never too late to get moving, you just need the motivation! But where to find it? There’s a few options:

Try work out with others – it’s tough to go it alone, but a friend can lend a helping hand, and make you want to keep a schedule, so you don’t let them down.

Give yourself some confidence – if you keep positive thoughts and beliefs in your head during a workout, studies show it’ll make it feel less strenuous, and you’ll be more apt to continue.

Make sure you’ve got your headphones – music really helps! Listening to high-energy, up-tempo songs promotes a longer workout, that feels like a breeze.

And finally – grab a pink beverage! Scientists have found that if your workout beverage is dyed pink, the color produces feelings of pleasure, a feel-good effect that improves performance and endurance.

So, add some red food dye to your water and get moving!

Image Credit: Tomwang112 / iStock / Getty Images Plus