WEBE Wellness: The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin

Roasted pumpkin salad with spinach and walnut on a black plate on a stone background.Top view.

WEBE Wellness: The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin

Like it or not, pumpkin season is here – and if you don’t like it, you might want to start trying it, because pumpkin is incredibly healthy for you.

It’s good for eyesight, since pumpkins are loaded with vitamin A. And vitamin C as well, which helps boost your immune system.

You’ll find plenty of potassium too – which helps keep you limber as you’re less likely to cramp your muscles, and it can help maintain blood pressure.

And, before the cold weather gets here and starts to turn your skin raw, pumpkins can help with antioxidants that slow down the aging process.

Finally, it can help you lose weight. If you don’t just eat pumpkin in pie, you’ll get plenty of fiber that fills you up, and as they’re mostly water, they’re low in calories too.

You might not get all these benefits in a pumpkin spice latte, but there’s plenty of other pumpkin items out there!

Image Credit: Lilechka75 / iStock / Getty Images Plus