WEBE Wellness: What To Do With “Yogurt Water”

Portrait of beautiful young woman eating yogurt at home.

WEBE Wellness: What To Do With “Yogurt Water”

So, you go to the refrigerator looking for a snack and you pull out a yogurt. After you peel the top back, you find that yogurt water at the top and you’re faced with two options – pour it off or mix it in? But which is the right thing to do?

Leave it to a dietitian to finally give us the answer! And it’s…don’t pour it down the drain!

It’s actually not water at all – it’s actually acid whey, and it has beneficial nutrients as well as enhancing the creamy texture of your yogurt – so it’s good for you and it tastes good! It’s the best of both worlds!

It’s got calcium, protein, potassium, and lactose – all nutrients that are good for us, but particularly women.

But if the water freaks you out and you just don’t like the idea of liquid on top, just switch yogurt brands for Greek yogurts that don’t have it! But remember that it’s harmless and can actually be beneficial!

Image Credit: nensuria / iStock / Getty Images Plus