WEBE Wellness: The Sneaky Things That Cause Us To Gain Weight

WEBE Wellness: The Sneaky Things That Cause Us To Gain Weight

If you gained some weight over the last year, no one would blame you – many of us did after being stuck inside for the better part of the year. But if you want to lose those pounds this summer, it’s doable – but there are a few sneaky things that contribute to weight gain to stay on the lookout for:

If you focus on whatever calories come in need to get burned off, it won’t matter if you’re not eating the right types of food. A lot of processed foods will cause blood sugar levels to spike, and you may end up feeling hungry all the time.

When you do snack, choose the right ones – donuts and potato chips are delicious, but opt for healthier snacks like nuts instead.

Eating vegetables is great, but too many starchy vegetables like potatoes and peas cause inadvertent weight gain – choose broccoli, Brussel sprouts, carrots, and mushrooms.

And if you sit around all day at your desk, but that’s not good for our bodies – we need breaks – the American Heart Association recommends at least two and half hours of exercise per week – so try a 30-minute brisk walk each weekday, and you’ll have the weekend to relax!

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