WEBE Wellness: What Pharmacists Recommend

WEBE Wellness: What Pharmacists Recommend

When you need medicine, you go to your doctor, get a prescription, and you pick it up at the pharmacy. But if you don’t have the time to get something from behind-the-counter, a new list is out – the annual “Over-the-Counter Guide” – and it’s what pharmacists recommend for common ailments:

    If you’ve got a headache, reach for the Tylenol – they recommend it over Advil.

    Your best bet for allergies is Claritin – and Children’s Claritin for kids too.

    Sunscreen is already coming in handy with the heat wave, and pharmacists say that Neutrogena is best for your skin.

    Soon enough, it’ll be flu season again, and Theraflu is what you’ll need.

    And finally, the one product we all bought last year – the best hand sanitizer is Purell.

So, stock up now and you’ll be set for the next time you don’t feel well!

Image Credit: Wavebreakmedia / iStock / Getty Images Plus