WEBE108 St. Vincent’s Medical Center Feeding Families

WEBE108 St. Vincent’s Medical Center Feeding Families

Donate below to our WEBE108 St. Vincent’s Medical Center, now part of Hartford HealthCare Feeding Families campaign, serving thousands of meals to men, women and children in the Bridgeport metro. Donations go to the WICC Holiday Fund, benefitting Bridgeport Rescue Mission serving struggling individuals and families, as well as the homeless, with nutritious meals, warm coats and more.

St. Vincent’s Medical Center, now part of Hartford Healthcare

$2.50 feeds one hungry person. Imagine all the good you can do this Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

$25 = 10 meals & care
$50 = 20 meals & care
$100 = 40 meals & care
$150 = 60 meals & care

Please give generously to help as many people as possible. Thank you.

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About Bridgeport Rescue Mission:

Bridgeport Rescue Mission fights poverty from the inside out through the provision of food, shelter, clothing, addiction recovery services and education to facilitate lasting life-change. Meeting basic needs today. Restore hope for tomorrow. Transforming lives forever.