California Highway Patrol officer saves kitten, fosters him

Michelle Robertson
CHP officers rescued a kitten stranded on the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday, June 24. Officer Smith, one of the rescuers, is fostering the kitten and nursing it back to health.
California Highway Patrol officers responded to an unusual call on the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday afternoon.

While crossing the bridge, a concerned citizen saw a flash of orange. It wasn’t the rusty hue of the famous landmark, but a kitten stranded inside a moveable median barrier.

CHP officers from the Golden Gate Division missed the cat on their first bridge crossing, but later noticed its “little furry head popping out,” according to a post shared on the department’s Facebook page.

The officers blocked one lane of traffic and quickly pulled the kitten to safety. They then brought the cat to VCA Madera Pet Hospital in Corte Madera for a health exam and a “much-needed bath,” said the post.

Without a microchip and collar, VCA staff could not identify the kitten’s owners so Officer Smith, one of the cat’s rescuers, stepped up to foster the kitten and nurse him back to health.

“We are very perplexed as to how he managed to get so far out in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge without being hit by another vehicle,” the post said. “Until then, this cute little guy, tentatively named Bridges, is on his way to a new home with people who will take great care of him.”

Golden Gate CHP asks those who may have lost their cat on the bridge to give them a call.

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