Five Question Quiz

5QQ 475

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Here are previous Five Question Quiz Answers

1/8/19 Winner – Chris Monroe

1) Their flowers became more popular when they changed colors?  Maroon 5 (originally called Kara’s Flowers)
2) There’s NO mustache here?  The King of Hearts
3) If you were Rod, you may have gotten off at this stop? Westport Train station; Rod Sterling lived in Westport for three years
4) If you’re here, you won’t be smiling? Faces on US currency aren’t smiling
5) This only has eight? A Wiffle ball has eight holes

8/22/18 Winner- Matthew Schatz

1) This millennial is now the new favorite?  Millennial Pink Lipstick
2) He has to keep his two Haleys at bay now?  David Hasselhoff
3) What do get when you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?  Pumpkin Pie
4) Connecticut has some, but THIS state has the most?  Alaska has the most coastline.
5) This person likes the thunderous applause but NOT the thunder?  Madonna

5/14/18 Winner – Skip Palarino

1) She hasn’t done her job description in over two decades: Vanna White (she hasn’t flipped letters since 1997 on Wheel of Fortune when the letters were computerized)

2) At one time, you could find a King, a Cook, and a Plant here: Stratford (They all live in Stratford: Stephen King, Joseph Platt Cook [Military office during the Revolutionary War and David Plant [politician])

3) Nearly half of all women say this irritates them when their husband does this in the the kitchen: Drinks out of a carton

4) She can read music, but hasn’t read a book in 24 years: Adele (She has been so busy with her music career, she hasn’t read a book since she was six years old)

5) You’ll save twenty nine cents every year if you don’t use these: Your car’s turn signals

7/17/17 Winner- Susan Cenolti

1) This number two is actually first: Second Street, the most popular street name in the U.S.

2) It used to be awesome: The ‘Like Button’ on Facebook

3) When they changed the spelling, it became easier for you to say: Redding CT

4) These are impossible to make completely round: Milk Duds

5) After his first breath, he only gets two more: Sting, in Every Breath You Take

4/5/17 Winner- Joan McKenzie

1) Monroe can easily be seen from here: From the 22nd Row (Candle in the Wind lyrics by Elton John)

2) You’re more likely to indulge in this backwards when you’re feeling this forward: Desserts is Stressed backwards

3) It used to be Westport with 16, and now, it’s Greenwich with 18: Most sets of twins enrolled in a single CT High School academic year

4) If you start any month here, beware: Any month starting on a Sunday has a Friday the 13th

5) Almost 60% of people live here: Within 50 miles of their birthplace

11/28/16 Winner – Pam from Milford

1) The Fifty States Have All This in Common: No Letter Q in the spelling

2) You’ll find a tree in the middle of this street: Wooster Street in New Haven

3) Where Would You Find Dan, Danny, & Daniel: The Beatles, Rocky Raccoon

4) You’ll Need Plenty of Rest After You Make This Four Mile Trek Every Year: Making the Bed

5) What’s the Most Efficient Light in the World? Fireflies








5/24/16 Winner – Tony of Trumbull

1) – It took him 43 years to get his high school diploma
Billy Joel

2) – They weigh 300 times more than all of us
All the world’s insects

3) – You won’t find red here
Reeses’ Pieces

4) – He was heard before seen on his weekly sitcom
Paul Reiser

5) – What do Madison, Clinton & Monroe have in common
Counties in New York

10/14/15 Winner – Sal Graziano of New Milford

1) – There are more of the per capita right now in Miami than anywhere in the U.S. – what are they?
Coffee Shops

2) – Dr. Seuss said this first

3) – If you do it manually, you’ll get more of these
Miles Per Gallon

4) – They’ve been together for 32 years
Pat Sajak & Vanna White co-hosting Wheel of Fortune

5) – If you’re a critic, you probably shouldn’t live here
The Glass House of New Canaan

6/24/15 Winner – Louise Dills

1) – What is black, red & then gray?

2) – Some women won’t go to the gym without this

3) – George made it, his favorite horse named it & kids love it… what is it?

4) – Their flight can be over 30 miles an hour
A Butterfly

5) – You’ll find a ketchup bottle & a cup of tea here
On Ed Sheeran’s Arm

6/8/15 Winner – Stewart Kaye of Westport

1) – What do some women say they’re doing while painting their nails

2) – She’s older than Austin and Alison is in the middle
Taylor Swift

3) – As a parent, you might say this to your child four times a week
Tie your shoes

4) – You’ll find a revolutionary cannonball here
Keeler Tavern Museum in Ridgefield

5) – Over 21 million of these will be sold here across America during the 108 Days of Summer
Hot Dogs in Baseball Parks

5/1/15 Winner – Jennifer Cedrone of Monroe

1) – There are 142 of These Here
Number of Staircases at Hogwarts of Harry Potter Fame

2) – It’s Usually 7
Number most often given when people are asked to pick a number between 1 & 10

3) – Some thought they could have bought used furniture from him
Al Capone

4) – They did their millionth in the year 2000, but not many since
MTV Music Videos

5) – If Roger didn’t purchase this, Harry wouldn’t have a job today
Norwalk – Roger Ludlowe purchased Norwalk & Harry Rilling is the Mayor of Norwalk today

12/26/14 Winner – Gina Grisanti of Norwalk

1) – According to some, in order to bat right, you should go left here
Direction bats go in exiting a cave

2) – Coffee will get you going in the morning, but this will really wake you up
Eating an Apple

3) – When the king does this, he gets everyone’s attention within five miles
The Lion’s Roar

4) – If you were on velvet, you may not escape these
The Melonheads of Trumbull

5) – If you wrestle with this, you’ll come up with his name
Bruno Mars

9/22/14 Winner – Teresa Szczesiul

1) – If you’re average you’ll do this right around 4 million times a year
Blink your eyes

2) – You would have found less than 5 stories a week here
Less than 5 stories built per week while the Empire State Building was under construction

3) – The title was never spoken in this animated film
The LEGO Movie

4) – If you stayed here in Westport, you could have been on wagon
157 Riverside Ave, song title & place where REO Speedwagon stayed in Westport while recording their first album in 1971

5) – You can check this out, but you have to steal it to add to the record
Guiness Book of Records

7/18/14 Winner – Nancy Burroughs

1) – The average person will have 67 of these?
Snow days from school

2) – Officially, only 3 people have done this on screen?
Play Spiderman

3) – You’ll find less than 4 of these in Milford?
Miles of Route 1

4) – A Major League third baseman made this possible?
The Song Royals by Lorde

5) – Billions of these have appeared over the last decade?
Online Selfies

12/12/13 Winner – Tom Ward

1) – More American men than women get these?
Speeding tickets

2) – You need more than two billion of them for this to be possible?
Pennies to circle the earth

3) – What was once know as scrambled eggs?
The Beatles song ‘Yesterday’

4) – This happened every day on Long Island Sound for 290 consecutive months?
WEBE’s signal has been broadcast

5) – 1 out of 5 men do this?
They call their mother when they’re having a bad day

7/29/13 Winner – Harriette Ketover

1) – What do burnt toast and keys have in common?
Top things you forget

2) – You might have done this between 15 and 20 years old?
We drink our first coffee

3) – It takes at least 18 muscles to do this?
For a dog to move its ear

4) – Katherine Hepburn and Condoleeza Rice could have done this in Shelton?
Both won medals in ice skating (Rinks at Shelton)

5) – We’ll do this about 15,000 times in our lives?
Shake hands

2/21/13  Winner – Michele Scala

1)- Right now, there are about 230 million of these in America?
Rechargable gadgets

2) – What do soap and toothpaste have in common?
Both were endorsed by celebs on TV

3) – Nearly half of the world’s kitchens have these?
A junk drawer

4) – This sold for almost $15 in 1995?
Broken laser pointer

5) – This came before a jet?
Na Na Na Na (leaving on a jet plane)