Five Question Quiz

5QQ 475

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Here are previous Five Question Quiz Answers

5/14/18 Winner – Skip Palarino

1) She hasn’t done her job description in over two decades: Vanna White (she hasn’t flipped letters since 1997 on Wheel of Fortune when the letters were computerized)

2) At one time, you could find a King, a Cook, and a Plant here: Stratford (They all live in Stratford: Stephen King, Joseph Platt Cook [Military office during the Revolutionary War and David Plant [politician])

3) Nearly half of all women say this irritates them when their husband does this in the the kitchen: Drinks out of a carton

4) She can read music, but hasn’t read a book in 24 years: Adele (She has been so busy with her music career, she hasn’t read a book since she was six years old)

5) You’ll save twenty nine cents every year if you don’t use these: Your car’s turn signals

7/17/17 Winner- Susan Cenolti

1) This number two is actually first: Second Street, the most popular street name in the U.S.

2) It used to be awesome: The ‘Like Button’ on Facebook

3) When they changed the spelling, it became easier for you to say: Redding CT

4) These are impossible to make completely round: Milk Duds

5) After his first breath, he only gets two more: Sting, in Every Breath You Take

4/5/17 Winner- Joan McKenzie

1) Monroe can easily be seen from here: From the 22nd Row (Candle in the Wind lyrics by Elton John)

2) You’re more likely to indulge in this backwards when you’re feeling this forward: Desserts is Stressed backwards

3) It used to be Westport with 16, and now, it’s Greenwich with 18: Most sets of twins enrolled in a single CT High School academic year

4) If you start any month here, beware: Any month starting on a Sunday has a Friday the 13th

5) Almost 60% of people live here: Within 50 miles of their birthplace

11/28/16 Winner – Pam from Milford

1) The Fifty States Have All This in Common: No Letter Q in the spelling

2) You’ll find a tree in the middle of this street: Wooster Street in New Haven

3) Where Would You Find Dan, Danny, & Daniel: The Beatles, Rocky Raccoon

4) You’ll Need Plenty of Rest After You Make This Four Mile Trek Every Year: Making the Bed

5) What’s the Most Efficient Light in the World? Fireflies








5/24/16 Winner – Tony of Trumbull

1) – It took him 43 years to get his high school diploma
Billy Joel

2) – They weigh 300 times more than all of us
All the world’s insects

3) – You won’t find red here
Reeses’ Pieces

4) – He was heard before seen on his weekly sitcom
Paul Reiser

5) – What do Madison, Clinton & Monroe have in common
Counties in New York

10/14/15 Winner – Sal Graziano of New Milford

1) – There are more of the per capita right now in Miami than anywhere in the U.S. – what are they?
Coffee Shops

2) – Dr. Seuss said this first

3) – If you do it manually, you’ll get more of these
Miles Per Gallon

4) – They’ve been together for 32 years
Pat Sajak & Vanna White co-hosting Wheel of Fortune

5) – If you’re a critic, you probably shouldn’t live here
The Glass House of New Canaan

6/24/15 Winner – Louise Dills

1) – What is black, red & then gray?

2) – Some women won’t go to the gym without this

3) – George made it, his favorite horse named it & kids love it… what is it?

4) – Their flight can be over 30 miles an hour
A Butterfly

5) – You’ll find a ketchup bottle & a cup of tea here
On Ed Sheeran’s Arm

6/8/15 Winner – Stewart Kaye of Westport

1) – What do some women say they’re doing while painting their nails

2) – She’s older than Austin and Alison is in the middle
Taylor Swift

3) – As a parent, you might say this to your child four times a week
Tie your shoes

4) – You’ll find a revolutionary cannonball here
Keeler Tavern Museum in Ridgefield

5) – Over 21 million of these will be sold here across America during the 108 Days of Summer
Hot Dogs in Baseball Parks

5/1/15 Winner – Jennifer Cedrone of Monroe

1) – There are 142 of These Here
Number of Staircases at Hogwarts of Harry Potter Fame

2) – It’s Usually 7
Number most often given when people are asked to pick a number between 1 & 10

3) – Some thought they could have bought used furniture from him
Al Capone

4) – They did their millionth in the year 2000, but not many since
MTV Music Videos

5) – If Roger didn’t purchase this, Harry wouldn’t have a job today
Norwalk – Roger Ludlowe purchased Norwalk & Harry Rilling is the Mayor of Norwalk today

12/26/14 Winner – Gina Grisanti of Norwalk

1) – According to some, in order to bat right, you should go left here
Direction bats go in exiting a cave

2) – Coffee will get you going in the morning, but this will really wake you up
Eating an Apple

3) – When the king does this, he gets everyone’s attention within five miles
The Lion’s Roar

4) – If you were on velvet, you may not escape these
The Melonheads of Trumbull

5) – If you wrestle with this, you’ll come up with his name
Bruno Mars

9/22/14 Winner – Teresa Szczesiul

1) – If you’re average you’ll do this right around 4 million times a year
Blink your eyes

2) – You would have found less than 5 stories a week here
Less than 5 stories built per week while the Empire State Building was under construction

3) – The title was never spoken in this animated film
The LEGO Movie

4) – If you stayed here in Westport, you could have been on wagon
157 Riverside Ave, song title & place where REO Speedwagon stayed in Westport while recording their first album in 1971

5) – You can check this out, but you have to steal it to add to the record
Guiness Book of Records

7/18/14 Winner – Nancy Burroughs

1) – The average person will have 67 of these?
Snow days from school

2) – Officially, only 3 people have done this on screen?
Play Spiderman

3) – You’ll find less than 4 of these in Milford?
Miles of Route 1

4) – A Major League third baseman made this possible?
The Song Royals by Lorde

5) – Billions of these have appeared over the last decade?
Online Selfies

12/12/13 Winner – Tom Ward

1) – More American men than women get these?
Speeding tickets

2) – You need more than two billion of them for this to be possible?
Pennies to circle the earth

3) – What was once know as scrambled eggs?
The Beatles song ‘Yesterday’

4) – This happened every day on Long Island Sound for 290 consecutive months?
WEBE’s signal has been broadcast

5) – 1 out of 5 men do this?
They call their mother when they’re having a bad day

7/29/13 Winner – Harriette Ketover

1) – What do burnt toast and keys have in common?
Top things you forget

2) – You might have done this between 15 and 20 years old?
We drink our first coffee

3) – It takes at least 18 muscles to do this?
For a dog to move its ear

4) – Katherine Hepburn and Condoleeza Rice could have done this in Shelton?
Both won medals in ice skating (Rinks at Shelton)

5) – We’ll do this about 15,000 times in our lives?
Shake hands

2/21/13  Winner – Michele Scala

1)- Right now, there are about 230 million of these in America?
Rechargable gadgets

2) – What do soap and toothpaste have in common?
Both were endorsed by celebs on TV

3) – Nearly half of the world’s kitchens have these?
A junk drawer

4) – This sold for almost $15 in 1995?
Broken laser pointer

5) – This came before a jet?
Na Na Na Na (leaving on a jet plane)